"Thunder Generator" - Computerized system keeping birds and wildlife away from Airport, 
Agricultural crops, Fish ponds and other, developed by PDT Agro 


The Technology 

An INNOVATIVE and PATENTED technology developed in Israel, providing a CONTROLLED and SAFE method for generating strong shockwaves through gas detonation.

The effect  

  • birds use an internal organ ( Para Tympanic organ) as pressure sensor and gauge for :
    • navigation
    • altimeter
    • wind direction
    • atmospheric pressure
  • Powerful shock waves create sudden pressure change resulting in orientation loss and panic to birds.

No other gas cannon achieve the same results!

Main Features

  • fixed / vehicle-mounted installations
  • automatic / manual operation modes
  • single / multi barrel configurations

System Characteristics 

  • Shockwaves travel long distances creating a High pressure effect
  • Programmable shockwave parameters control coverage and wave intensity
  • Up to 100 acres of coverage for a single canon
  • Adjustable shot interval ranging from 1 second and up to hours
  • Ergonomic remote control allows remote and safe control of the cannon
  • A synchronized network of cannons may be erected for larger coverage
  • User friendly and cheap maintenance
  • Reliable and efficient technology
  • Low purchase costs and simple operation
  • User friendly and cheap maintenance

one shot cost = 1 cent


Flyer Airport & agriculture.PDF

For more Technical information

DSCN1351 Stun-Cannon TG_israel_1