About Us

Company Profile

ARMYTEC has set itself a vision and goals, to assist inventors and developers at R&D of security & military products and combat systems, to adjust their products for field usage, by providing solutions in every stage of the product development, from the definition of requirements and operational ideas, through field tests, to the final report, in order to create maximal suitability of the products to field requirements and target audience

As a leading company in its area, with long term wide scope vision, ARMYTEC converts years of military operational and development experience, into professional working processes.

Leading team

ArmyTec leading team consists of consultants and field experts, with a reputation and experience of years in development military & defense products for infantry, navy, special forces and security

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Among the Company’s clients are private companies, organizations, governmental agencies such as:

  • The Ministry of Defense
  • I.D.F.
  • “Yard” Electro-Optic Research Institute,
  • Topgun Ltd.