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ArmyTec leading team consists of consultants and field mens, with a reputation and experience over 20 years in development military & defense products for infantry, navy and Special Forces.


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Guy Natanson

Guy Natanson have 25 years of experience with SWAT and SOF, leading and managing multidisciplinary complicated technological projects in different stages.

Costumers requirement, R&D, field tests, Delivery prototypes to mass productions, Deployment among users and instruction planning. Vast experience with large scale technology based military programs, purchasing technology and budget planning.

Fields of technologies: Automotive sys, communication, textile, personal and vehicle armor, electro optics sys, composites materials, machinery, robotics, hydraulic sys, energy, rappelling gear, combat gear, Command and control sys, Labs simulations, , Sensors: radars, acoustics, seismic, electro-optics.


Uri Brown, (lieutenant commander, Ret.)

Head of ArmyTec Maritime Division,
Served for 25 years in Israel’s Special Naval Forces, starting his military career as a Navy Seals’ Combatant where he specialized in a wide variety of Maritime, Land and Airborne Special operations, gathering extensive combat experience.
As a Special Forces’ Officer, Naval Operations and R&D expert, Mr. Brown puts his extensive knowhow and vast experience, from both the Attacker’s as well as the Protector’s perspective, to work. Heading the Maritime Division, at ArmyTec Ltd. he and his selected team, offer our clients a wide variety of services, ranging from threat assessments to technical supply, operational layout design and implementation, as well as specialized training programs tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

Eli Saadon

Eli is a mechanical engineer since 1991. He was released from military service in 2005 after 20 years of service in jobs of technical and intelligence research and development,

where he was engaged in development, management, initiation, design, purchasing, control and management of projects in the field of intelligence systems (unmanned aerial vehicles, electro-optic and thermal systems, radars, observation balloons, intelligence command and control systems etc.). He was released with the rank of Major.
Since his retirement from the I.D.F he works as a projects manager and marketing for the difrent companies like – “Orad Systems Company”, “Tadiran Communication”, “Elta”, “Rafael”, in the fields of observation systems, land radars, observation balloons, small-unmanned aerial vehicles and more.
Eli joined ArmyTec during 2008 as a consultant with the aim to promote and lead projects in the field of land and aerial observation systems for the infantry forces.


Nadav Sela

have 30 years of experience in research, development, and management of military and security projects and products in the field of electro-optics.
Between the years 1962 – 1985, Nadav served in the I.D.F, Naval Commandos, in a variety of dutys, from a combatant to a crew officer, warfare equipment development officer, and ended his service as an operations officer, Nadav was released from active service with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
During that period, he established the maritime security alignment for Israeli vessels in Europe in cooperation with security and government factors in Israel and abroad. In this role, he served as security officer in the Rotterdam and Northern Europe for a period of 5 years.
Nadav has many years of experience in development, project management, marketing, organization, and coordination between the companies and militery or security customers in Israel and around the world. He worked with companies such as “Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd”, a developer and marketer of advanced electro-optic systems, specializing in thermal vision, “ITL Optronics Company Ltd” – developer, manufacturer, and marketer of electro-optic products for the use of the soldier in the combat field, specializing in weapons sights, laser pointers, and handheld observation systems and more.
Nadav joined ArmyTec in order to assist pushing and promoting unique innovative products from the operational standpoint, requiring a dialogue with the customers and adapting solutions for their required needs.

Shlomo Tabak

Founder and adviser of ArmyTec, is a former officer with the Israeli Naval Commandos, which serve as security officers overseas, second in command of the IDF anti terror training base, officer in charge of development warfare equipment for Special Forces and others.

With over twenty years of experience in development warfare products. He performed a wide variety of jobs, starting out his way as Naval Commandos soldier and warfare means development officer, he did various positions in the Israeli Defense ministry abroad, as security officer in India and Brazil. In the recent years he served as second in command of the I.D.F counter Terror School, and warfare means development officer for operational units and Special Forces, which include high technology units. This job included all the elements of development, and management of projects in the field of warfare products and equipment, including depth acquaintance with the operational needs in fields of anti-tank missiles, modeling of 4×4 vehicles (Hammers) for the I.D.F, development and procurement of camouflage product in Israel and abroad, development of command and control systems for the special forces, and more.

Shlomo has great experience in the Implementation of security systems for institution and private companies in Israel and abroad.


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