Camouflage detection camera

DBS (Dual Band Sensor) VIS / NIR – the Camera separates synthetic materials from natural materials by measuring the light return of the material (mostly textiles, but not only).

The technology developed by IARD (electro-optic Institute for R & D Ltd.), ArmyTec lead
and advice the technology adapting for the field requirements and the needs.
The camera is regular video camera (CCD) which has been filtering by special image
processor on board to detect camouflage.
The camera lens can be put together based on customer requirements and can obtain longer detection ranges.

Experiment Leading

ArmyTec consult and conduct experiments and testing, on the entire operational aspect, like Field-tests, acceptance tests, assimilation and customer and users training, for infantry, marine forces and Special Forces.

ArmyTec consult to:

“Yard Ltd” (electro-optic R&D institute) in developing camouflage abilities.
“IWI” in testing new weapon.
Tel Aviv Municipality – consulting, acceptance tests and assimilation for special Lighting cart.
And more


Since 2008, ArmyTec consult and conduct experiments and field-tests for IWI (Israel Weapon Industry) on operational acceptance tests for new weapon, and there accessories,
ArmyTec responsible for the entire process of testing the new weapon by; writing test plan, test performance and final report.

Shockwave Stun-Cannon

ArmyTec lead the Shockwave Stun-Cannon for crowd disturbance control, project of development and implementation of a civil technology in the field of PDT (Pulse Detonation Technology) and convert it to military & security products applicable to non-lethal weapon.

The Technology
An INNOVATIVE and PATENTED technology developed in Israel, providing a CONTROLLED and SAFE method
for generating strong stunning shockwaves through gas detonation.
Main Features
fixed / vehicle-mounted installations
automatic / manual operation modes
single / multi barrel configurations
straight / bended barrel configurations

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